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Arik airline to resume flight operations after temporary shut down

 Nigeria Arik Air, West-Africa’s leading airline, apologizes to passengers after temporary  disruption. Although it shutdown its flight operations across the country yesterday, but has said it would resume operations nationwide today, just as it assured its passengers of fair and better services.

Hundreds of air passengers, who booked on Nigerian Arik airline were reportedly stranded across Nigeria due to the inability of the airline to fly them to their destinations.
The airline’s  spokesman, Adebanji Ola in a chat with Newsmen Said the disruption of the Arik Airline’s operations were just temporary, stressing that the management had resolved its set back in the interest of passengers.
The spokesman apologised for the inconveniences the disruption had caused its customers, the management has been doing all in its capacity to normalise operations by the Airline, he added.
Arik had earlier announced the suspension of its flight operation due to its inability to immediately renew its aircraft insurance
The airline said that it was working around the clock to resolve the necessary documentation, which has been a challenge due to the long weekend holidays due to Ed al Adha.
The spokesman in a statement earlier said, “This situation is likely to continue for the next few days until such time that NAICOM (National Insurance Commission) approves a waiver on a priority basis for the new insurance company to renew the policy.
There were reports that Arik Air, stopped its operations because its fuel suppliers and Insurers have withdrawn their services.
Arik Airline is reported to be bugged down by massive debts to its major oil suppliers, whereas the sudden withdrawal of supply to the airline is said to have caused its current state of affairs.



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