Girls Took A Glamorous Vacation Around The World, Only To Get Arrested For Smuggling Drugs Worth Rs 155.41 Crs!

Enter Canadian ladies Melina Roberge, 22 and her BFF Isabelle Lagace, 28. Almost seven weeks back, the two pretty ladies boarded a luxury cruise ship, Sea Princess to travel the world for 68 days.
 And thus began the series of some really glamourous and alluring pics, which obviously took Instagram by storm.

This magnificent vacation took a turn for the worst when the girls were arrested for smuggling drugs! Yes, you read that right. Giving them company was another Canadian passenger 63-year-old Andre Tamine.

On Sunday, the ship berthed in Sydney and that’s when they had the most unexpected photo-op ever. No, it wasn’t the paparazzi but the Australian federal police! After raiding their cabins, the police found two suitcases filled with 209 pounds of cocaine worth 23.2 million dollars which is approximately  Rs. 155.41 crores!

Department of Immigration in Australia
According to Sydney Morning Herald, an official statement by a spokesperson for the Australian Border Force states that the trio were believed to be working with a well-organised syndicate and are now facing life imprisonment!
Now, that's a big step down from a luxury cruise to a prison cell, don’t you think?
So what if they couldn’t rake in so much moolah? They’ll always have those Instagram hearts!