Linda Ikeji is TM magazine cover girl

African blog Queen Linda Ikeji,  is cover girl for the September issue of TW magazine which was released September 19th, yesterday. This is her first magazine cover in years. more photos..
This new edition, incidentally being released on her 36th birthday, Linda Ikeji gives Today’s Woman the exclusive never before heard scoop. 

According to Linda, she said:

“If Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry can post pictures of themselves on their private islands and we are ‘oohing ‘and ‘ahhing’, why not me?”

According to LIB blog, "You may think you know her from her LIB blog but we soon learnt that there is a lot we don’t know about the woman who has become one of the most talked about personalities in Nigeria.

She also talks about the challenges of running the most successful blog in Nigeria, controversies trailing her, her recently launched media empire, love life and her dreams now that she has achieved everything she set out to many years ago when she lived a life of penury and struggle.