Nigeria anti-corruption fight is scaring away investors- Ben Murray-Bruce

Nigerian business magnate, politician and the founder of Silverbird Group, Senator Benedict Murray-Bruce, said President Buhari's anti-corruption campaign is doing more harm to the economy than good as it's scaring investors from investing in the economy. 

He says the war against corruption has put fear in the minds of Nigerians that want to invest in a business that might attract the attention of the antigraft agency. 

He said this while speaking at the senate debate on the Economy during plenary yesterday September 22nd.

"If you look at Nigeria today, nobody is buying land, nobody is buying houses. Rent is actually is coming down. The economy has shut down. The reason why this is happening is because of Fear. Everybody is afraid. You cannot run a 21st century economy where everybody is terrified. Everybody is afraid of being arrested. As long as you have fear in the system, you will not invest your money in that economy"he said