Oprah Winfrey, finally getting married to boyfriend after 30 years

Oprah Winfrey is finally getting married to boyfriend of 30 years

Oprah Winfrey has decided to tie the knot with Graham Stedman. After 30 years of companionship, the 62-year-old Oprah who has been dating 65-year-old Graham Stedman since 1986, finally decided to make their union official after several years of saying she didn’t need a piece of paper to validate their relationship.

According to HollywoodLife, the couple who had previously been engaged in 1992, are going to say ‘I DO’ in a romantic private ceremony in an estate in Maui.
A source close to the couple said Stedman didn’t go for an over-the-top proposal, he casually asked her to marry him (again) while she was making breakfast for him and she had said yes this time, even though he thought she was joking. “Oprah was making breakfast for Stedman when he casually made a joke about getting married, and it suddenly dawned on her how Stedman has never asked her for anything or pressured her in any way, and how she’s been able to do whatever she wants.
That’s when Oprah connected the dots and realized it was her turn to show how much she cares about what he wants. I heard she said yes, and Stedman couldn’t believe it. He thought she was joking with him!”