PDP rejects 'postponement' of Edo Election

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The Idependent National Electoral Commission has greed to postpone the September 10th Edo Election.

But the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has rejected the postponement of the Edo governorship election saying the election date should remain fixed since there is no tangible reason(s) to tamper with the Election. 

The postponement came a day after the police and State Security Service announced their intention to pull out of the exercise, following security concerns.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the party, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, In a statement today said the “postponement of the Election by top hierarchy of the security agencies predicated on alleged security threat was a less than ingenious attempt to buy time for the APC which is clearly heading for a major electoral catastrophe on Saturday.

It is shameful and indeed a major constitutional breach for the security agencies to act in concert with the APC to truncate an Election that had been planned for months. 

Nigerians were not deceived by the obvious concoctions of the security agencies whose performances during elections have been less than average since the advent of the Buhari Administration. 

Indeed they have become instruments in the hands of the Ruling Party to harass, intimidate and punish opponents.” Prince Adeyeye declared. 

He also said the time may be ripe now for President Buhari and the National Assembly to conduct a non-partisan holistic review and investigation of the national security apparatus to save our fledgling democracy. 

The postponement of the Election by INEC is illegal, unconstitutional and a breach of the peoples’ trust in the Commission and the security agencies. 

It is a coup against the people of Edo State in particular and Nigerians in general. Since APC assumed power, virtually all elections conducted by INEC have either been inconclusive or truncated. 

Saturday’s Election in Edo State must be an exemption. We will not accept anything less than free, fair and transparent election conducted and concluded the same day. 

With the way INEC is performing, how are we sure that it would be able to handle the 2019 national elections. Our democracy is under a serious threat from the APC and its Gestapo security agencies.” 

We call on all stakeholders, the Media, civil society organizations, all political parties and indeed all Nigerians and the international community to rise to defend our hard earned democracy from the assault being unleashed on it by the APC Government” he added.