'We don’t lose, we learn' Paul Pogba tell fans

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has broken into silence on their derby defeat to Pep Guardiola’s Man City. But he insists Manchester United will learn from their derby defeat to City at Old Trafford.

Pogba was one of United new signing, having told journalists he ‘doesn’t speak’, he gave his Instagram followers an update. Pogba posted: “The season is just starting, we don’t lose, we learn. United we stand.”

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho who was also affected by United’s performance against Guardiola’s side. Stated that;

“I’m clearly disappointed with the the first-half,” Mourinho stressed. “Disappointed with some really poor individual performances that affected the level of the team.

“We didn’t have a tactical problem, we had problems with poor performances, we lost the ball very, very easy. Even now our central defenders today they lost easy balls, bad passes, first station passes from Bailly to Fellaini and Blind to Pogba. We lost the ball in these kind of positions.

“I made a couple of decisions that I thought individual qualities of certain players would give me what I know that I want and I didn’t get it,” he added. 

“I didn’t change after 20 minutes because I don’t want to destroy the players, I didn’t want to make three changes at half-time because I was afraid in a long 45 minutes something might happen, but if it was a sport in free number of changes and with changes during the first-half is normal, like basketball, I would do after 20 minutes. 

“But I did at half-time, we changed the direction of the game but we didn’t get the compensation I think we deserved in the second half,” he said.