Photos: Kathryn Drayton share curvy photo with quotes - read

Kathy Drayton shared on Instagram and wrote;

You may not like what I'm gonna say next. You have everything you believe you should have right now. Nothing more.

"The standard you demand is what you have. If you say "I just don't think I can make time" then you most certainly won't. It's funny, when I think about being a mother( one of my dreams!) I think about how busy moms are... How on the world they do all they do is a wonder to me. But they do it all because they MUST. Same applies to those who own a business and "clocking out" isn't a luxury they can ever truly embrace. They have all the same hours in the day as you, yet you "just can't seem to have the time" to: eat your meals, go to the gym, wake up earlier, go to bed earlier, prepare ahead, stop drinking, stop smoking, stop partying, create time... The list of reasons why you can't goes on and on. But IF You had to, if I told you you will die tomorrow if you don't make the adjustment, I know you would. When something is a "want" I want to but... Or an I hope "one day"... Option.. It's almost always guaranteed to get walked on by your current standards (those other things you make a MUST- like watching your show🙃 or taking that smoke break). Your standards are going to have to change of what it is you hope for and what it is you are no longer making an option. What are your "MUSTS" right now, and what are you going to stop wanting and start DEMANDING of yourself so you will have a different story to tell.

#RockTheTroop #30DayTransformationTeam#ItsTheScience.



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