Photos: Kathryn Drayton stuns in pink swimsuit in new photos

Who are you most afraid to fail? Have you ever been scared to be gentle because you don't know if it will be looked at as vulnerability and then maybe that would be seen as weakness and used against you? I know I have, according to Kathy Drayton, who also said;
"I believe that most of us who have experienced some type of heart ache or pain deal with fear. We are scared to open up our heart WHOLEHEARTEDLY again. The last time we did that... It got broken. We are scared to commit WHOLEHEARTEDLY to that thing we said we wanted to do again, because last time it didn't work out even though we invested everything into it. The interesting thing about vulnerability is that it will be the greatest point of pain we ever experience, but it will also be the greatest point of Joy. The most raw love you ever felt comes from the same place you felt heart break. So is it better to live half-heartedly to avoid the possibilities of pain again? Or must we choose to live whole heartedly in-spite of the risk so that we can experience ultimate Joy, gratitude and life? 



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