Graves older than 20 years to be recycle in Ghana

Scarcity of land in Accra has permitted the Metro Public Health Department of Accra Metropolitan to recycle graves older than twenty years in other to accommodate new corpses at public cemeteries, as they revealed plans.

This comes after several Ghanaians have been burying their dead ones at their homes and Churches due to lack of space at public cemeteries.

Director of MPHD, Mr Vctor Acquaye says, who feels people who died of contagious diseases could pose health risks to those living close to burial sites.

In an interview with the Mirror, he said, "his team are planning to open up the western section of the Awudome cemetery for development into a modern well-spaced and landscaped cemetery."

He also said that after the modern development into a well- spaced and landscaped cemetery, inquiries will be made to know the causes of a dead person to ensure that any corpse doesn't pose public health threat to people living around the burial site. 'Even after the land factor is satisfied, we have to know the cause of death to ensure the burial does not pose any public health threat to people and the environment.'