Photos: 28-year aniversary of Irawo Owuro C & S church

The Irawo Owuro Cherubim and Saraphim church celebrates their 28-year anniversary on Sunday since the death of Special AP. SNR.PRO.DR Osuolale Taiwo in March 2015, founder of Irawo Owura church, in Lagos, Nigeria.

As we celebrate, according to Priest Abiodun Taiwo, "I thank God for all he has done in our lives, starting from last year up-till this moment. I am just very happy. Glory be to God," and he quickly added amen.

Captain, Army Servation Leader, Tope Taiwo Matthew who is also son to founder of Irawo Owuro's C & S church says, "i appreciate the good work of God so much for making a day like this work for us." He also said,  everything works by Faith.

"I wished my Father (F) is here to celebrate with us," but thanks to God Almighty, he added.