kathy drayton stuns in photo with inspirational words(Read)

Popular celebrity trainer, Kathy drayton is here again as she display her sexy side, but this time, she left a note of inspiration. See what she wrote below:

She said:

There's no one in this world I want to see get better than me. Sound selfish? Let me explain why. Hope you'll get something out of this that makes you adopt the same belief for your life.
My biggest downfall has always been and will always be complacency.
If I don't get up in the morning to pray and create a plan for my day- THAT'S ON ME!!
If I don't take care of my partner @LutherFreeman and neglect his needs to nurture our relationship - THAT'S ON ME!!
If I don't train consistently to see my body improve to be the best example of TRANSFORMATION to lead our Family- THATS ON ME!
Who else can I possible want to change anymore than my own self?
If I am planning on doing big things to change the world I touch, the people I've been trusted with, the experiences I was given to help me be a better leader- I gotta desire MYSELF to continuously improve.
If I expect to be trusted with more, I have to be willing to do more!
So here we are, 2017 already. Anyone else feel like it just suddenly appeared🙋🏽👂🏽!? What's the non complacent, hungry to continue growing ME gonna do to keep evolving into a more useful vessel? I'm gonna fight for it. Because it's gonna require a fight! Im gonna get after it even when my complacency gives me permission to "go sit down." Because I can only help another as much as I have prepared myself! So the prep continues. About to enter my 3rd year on our 30 day transformation Team program and I can hardly believe just how fast it's all gone! I'm not stopping! Why? Because I have a responsibility to use what I've been given to serve others. Period. Time to do more as this year approaches. It stars with me!!!
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