Continue reading as the woman prevented from jumping into Lagos lagoon state her reason

The woman who was prevented by fishmen from diving into the lagoon in Lagos, has been identified as Abigail Ogunyinka.
The old woman, who spoke with TVC News stated that, "she had took that action (decide to jump into the lagoon), because she was owing a sum of N150,000.

She said, she had collected the loan from a microfinance bank, to fund her ‘amala’ business and has been in default for two weeks.

According to report, Ogunyinka who left the house in company of a little girl living with her family, said would not be able to face the shame and embarrassment.

On why she went with the girl, she said it was to ensure that there was someone to tell the family what actually happened to her.

Lagos Lagoon is a lagoon sharing its name with the city of Lagos, Nigeria