Photos: You don't want to use smartphone again while charging after this... (Video)

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Charging your smartphone and making use of it at the same time has some potential dangers that no one may have warned you about. Covering the device with your body, dress or bedding also is dangerous, that can present a danger of flame or burst from the smartphone which can do serious damage to the body.
Yes!!! Charging while using the phone was never recommended at first, because while the phone is charging, whole power is used to charge the phone and that's why your phone gets charged within the usual time.

Some people think mobile phones emit radiation when the battery is low, though is true. However, the weak sign is the culprit and not the low battery.

Note: When you are using your phone while charging, the battery is undergoing high stress which include;
Discharging at a higher rate than charging. Insufficient charging voltage/current. Temperature of battery & phone as a whole. Frequent cutoff. And more...
The weak sign from your smartphone, making it to work harder and emit more radiation, meaning you should keep your distance from the smartphone when in an elevator, remote country sides or other structures

So using the phone while charging is really really bad idea for you (unhealthy), and your phone. The outcome can be from a bulged dead battery to a fried charging circuit at the worst.

Watch video below to see some actions, the outcome charging and using at thesame time. But first, see photos of affected victim, Aron Embry.

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