The man who swallowed heroin from Kenya - Nigeria to save his sick child, arrested

A man, 43, identified as Anukaenyi Bob-Manuel Ogochukwu, who was travelling in from Nairobi, Kenya has been arrested at the Lagos airport for excreting 66 wraps of heroin reportedly.
"I teach in a computer school at Onitsha, Anambra State. This is my very first time of having anything to do with drugs," according to Ogochukwu who said he got himself involved in drug trafficking because nobody except drug barons were ready to give him financial support for his sick son on admission in Nairobi over a life threatening ailment.

Ogochukwu continued: "I smuggled drugs to save my sick child. The doctor said that my child has a hole in the heart. I met many people for help but nobody was willing to help me except a drug baron.

"My son is currently struggling for survival at the hospital in Nairobi. The baron who is from Tanzania promised to pay me $2,000 for my child’s medical bill. I am very worried about the condition of my son.”

The Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Muhammad Mustapha Abdallah, had however dismissed that notion. "No excuse/explanation is justifiable for committing crime. Drug trafficking is a criminal offence and the suspect will be charged accordingly," he quickly added.

"The suspect’s action only complicated his condition because he is here facing a criminal charge while the responsibility of taking care of his sick son now rest solely on the wife" Abdallah stated.

Anukaenyi Bob-Manuel Ogochukwu who confessed to how trying to save his son has pushed him into drug trafficking was hails from Anambra State, but married to a Kenyan lady.