Ibafo residents lament over lack of power supply

Residents of Ibafo community in Mowe, have lamented following the lack of power supply in the area for close to a decade, which has led to the paralysis of economic activities in the town.
"It appears government’s presence is missing from the Ibafo community, it roads to the environment where power supply that has ceased to exist and nothing seems to work.

According to them, they have exhausted all avenues to get connected to the national grid, and is the biggest problem of residents who have grappled with living in Ibafo for years without public power supply, a

A dry cleaning operator in the area, Aisha, says she powers three generator in order to sustain her business a task which is fast running down her little profit .

In a similar vein, a pure water businessman, Balogun, says he can employ more people but that’s only if the enormous money spent on running his generators is cut down by a constant supply of electricity
Residents look forward to an end of years of endless sufferings in darkness and countless empty promises on the part of stakeholders .