Little girl hanged outside home by her dad because she tore her parents' divorce papers

A girl of 8-year-old who is said to be unhappy that her parents got a divorce, threw a tantrum, tore her parents' divorce documents, damaged furniture and broke a bottle of alcohol. For this, the biological father punished her by hanging and at the same time beating her outside their home. Below is the video, which the dad took of him punishing the child and sent it to the girl’s mother to spite her.

The young mum who received the video immediately took the clip to the cops, and the police rescued the girl and took her to hospital, and the child has since had a check-up.

Police revealed that her physical injuries were not so serious but she is receiving psychological counselling to help her recover from the trauma.

However, the dad has been arrested by local authorities in Guangyuan City’s Jiange County, in south-western China Sichuan Province.

And the mum is expected to be given custody of the girl while investigations continue into the dad’s actions, which could see him charged with child abuse and jailed for over a year on top of having his parental rights revoked