Watch young Messi score first goal for Barcelona in May 1st, 2005 -- exactly 12years

Been a Legend is worth a celebration. Back in May 1st, 2005 teenage Messi has score his first ever goal for the Catalan giants, and today marks exactly 12 years.
There have been over 500 since,  like some of this season's. Following his  first ever goal, Young Messi  mounted on Ronaldinho's shoulders with lots of jubillation and joy on his young face.

Having just replaced Samuel Eto'o, who had scored Barca's first goal, in the 86th minute, within three minutes the Argentine had made an attempt to Ronaldinho pass and scooped the ball over the top of goalkeeper Raul Valbuena -- only for referee Velasco Carballo to incorrectly rule it out for offside.

Moments later, and with the game in stoppage time, there was almost a copy and paste moment, this time with a happy ending. Ronaldinho once again dazzled the Albacete defence and the 17-year-old Messi once again scored with a lobbed finish which suggested his confidence and his talent belied his years.

A crowded Camp Nou cheering a goal which lead Barca towards a first league title in five years after a 2-0 win over Albacete.

The image of Messi being hoisted above the shoulders of Ronaldinho after scoring against Albacete, will forever live in the memory.

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