Kathy Drayton representing her brand on social media in video - watch

Celebrity fitness trainer, Kathy Drayton popularly known for her incredible success in the fitness industry, creating a successful personal training business.

The fitness trainer from Alaska, decides to represent her brand after endless gym sessions, displaying her amazing body on social media in a video. She wrote: "A brief peek into real life scenarios that happen when representing your brand on social media is #Life 😏 Just be ready to: 1) Be photo ready no matter what 2) Be late because you have to stop to get "the shot" (no matter what)! 3) Have a plan B in case the thing you planned on doing doesn't work out because you took to long getting the shot."

Following her plan (B), Drayton who wanted to become a model for agencies in Miami and Tampa, Florida, was rejected because she wasn’t what they wanted. The event shocked Kathy, which made her determined to find a way to succeed.

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Kathy who teamed up with her husband eventually developed a huge popularity online, and she's now a world famous celebrity trainer, to help inspire, motivate and make you smile.