PHOTOS: Woman in Malawi boast of infecting 167 men with HIV/AIDS in 7 years

A Malawian woman  publicly boast on social media, giving some Facebook users something to think of, proudly saying she have infected 167 men with HIV/AIDS. She also said she's happy for infecting men with the same virus that she has since 2009 till-date.

The woman who disclosed this on her official Facebook page is identified as "Hapines Wa Kainja", also revealing that she got infected with HIV/AIDS in 2009 and started taking ARVs drugs in 2010.

Kainja narrated further in her Chichewa language that since then she has managed to sleep with 167 men with unprotected sex and 72 with protected sex, zambianobserver report.

She has however praised God for those who had sex with her and came out clean saying ‘good luck’.

After some time, she again dropped another post and tagged a friend - "Sarah K Halawa" - as the one who trained her to have sex with different men.

At the end Kainja says she has stopped prostitution because her body was weak and she asks for forgiveness to the infected men.