Two toddlers died after a texas mother lock them up in a hot car

A Texas woman is currently facing charges after her two children died as a result of being locked in a hot car for hours.

The mother identified as Cynthia Marie Randolph admitted that she locked her children in the car last month to teach her two-year-old daughter Juliet "a lesson" after the child had refused to get out of the vehicle.

Juliet Ramirez and her brother, 16-month-old Cavanaugh Ramirez, locked inside the car outside Randolph’s home near Lake Weatherford in Parker County, were pronounced dead at 16.30 on 26 May, when the temperatures at that time were about 35.5C, according to police.

"Throughout multiple interviews, Randolph created several variations of the events which led to the death of her children," according to report.

At first, the 24-year-old mother said that the children were playing in the back room of the house and "took off". She said they climbed into the car by themselves and locked it from the inside, adding that she had broken the window to save them.

She had later confessed that she found the children playing in the car just after midday, and they refused to leave, so she locked the doors, thinking she could get herself and her brother out of car when ready.

Randolph, who went inside her house, smoked marijuana and then fell asleep for between two and three hours, admitted she broke the car window to make the deaths look like an accident.

Randolph now faces two felony charges of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury.

According to a campaign called "No Heat Stroke," there have been 714 cases of children dying after they were left in hot cars since 1998, and 14 children have died so far this year alone.