Photos: Meet this mom who takes sexy selfies for money - Say's, "I enjoy doing it"

Mother of two and a housewife, Summers VonHesse has find time to make an income of atleast $5,000 per month, using her spare time to surf the net, selling sexy selfies online, which the cost to subscribe goes from $5 to $50, for users to pledge per month and then get access to the explicit content of the Nevada mom - The higher you pay, the more content you have access to see.

Now, between raising two children, being a housewife, and riding horses, VanHesse only use her spare time to posts pictures on a portal called, where strangers pay different sums of money to get glimpses of VonHesse in lingerie and sometimes even nude.

The Instagrammer who revealed that it took her a long time to love her body and be as confident as she is now -- confident enough to post pictures of herself like that on the Internet, said: "I was always putting myself down, my husband kept telling me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, but I didn’t believe him."

"I’ve never had a ‘real job’ since I got married eight years ago. Being able to contribute in my house feels really nice," according to Yahoo Beauty.

And, “I enjoy doing it,” she says. “To be honest, I’m not doing it because we really need the money or anything like that, but it sure is nice that I am bringing in $5,000 a month.”

Her journey toward self-love started two years ago when she began following other body-positive Instagrammers. She says that when she saw the confidence of women who had body types similar  to hers, it helped her realize her own beauty.

“Believe it or not, I was reading through the comments of the other bloggers and saw how men were telling them how beautiful they were. I began there to believe that what my husband had been telling me all along was true,” she says.

In November, VonHesse began revealing more skin on her Instagram page. She quickly realized she was an online hit, reaching nearly 110,000 Instagram followers, and could profit from all the fans who wanted to see more of her. So she decided to take control and increase her finances as well as her followers.

VonHesse’s husband is in the military, and he takes most of the photos of his wife himself. She says he supports her decision and is proud to have such a beautiful wife.

"My husband knows how men are," she says. “Sometimes we make fun of all those weird comments I get on my pics."

Asked how she’d feel if her children followed her into this line of work. “I think that the human body is a beautiful thing, and there is nothing to be ashamed of,” she says. “I want them to love their bodies, and if they wanna profit from sharing images, then I would be fine with that," she add.