See how you can earn additional income only by connecting to friends and families

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Being able to contribute in your house is quite amazing, very nice feelings. The fact that salary alone cannot help meet with our living requirements, and other needs, is a big reason to want to earn more.. Here, I will be telling you  how you can start earning from home and contribute big in your house all with “NEO Connect,” the right platform to attain economic freedom.

What is Neo Connect? Neo Connect is a network of family and friends, collectively enhancing their standard of living through a mutually beneficial system.

Only to members who are ready to connect with neighbours, friends and families, are entitled to what is called a long-lasting benefits, an amazing offer from Neo Connect such as (but not limited to) food items:
Household goods
Health insurance
Educational aids for children /wards
Skills acquisitions
Foreign trips for individuals and families
Cars and home ownership scheme
Neo Connect has 10 levels, namely: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Jasper, Opal, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Platinum. The completion of every stage carries rewards that members enjoy.

You can only join the innovative team by filling a registration form with a membership fee of N5,500 – After registering into Neo Connect, you get a Welcome Pack. Please Note, Neo Connect rewards you at every level.

This is a life changing opportunity, Grab it now.. – Want to learn more about the levels mentioned above, and how you can be rewarded at every level, call: 08154349588 or 08082951583.

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