Checkout failed photoshop picture of Rihanna on bejewelled bikini [PHOTOs]

Eagle-eyed fans has spotted something very odd in the above photo of the  Barbadian singer and actress, Rihanna who was accused of photoshopping one of her stunning carnival pictures.

Rihanna shared on her Instagram page the photo that make her look ready for a carnival, which fans thinks she stuned the latest look.

Meanwhile, fans and other followers had noticed there was something wrong with the singer’s photo, having two thumbnails on her right hand.

Yes!!! Except for her actual nails, which seems to be the cause of  bad photoshopping.

The 29-year-old in a bejewelled bikini was ready for the annual Crop Over Festival and Kadoonment Parade - a traditional harvest festival in her native Barbados, which she attends every year.