Earn €50 - €3000 publishing content - See how

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Do you manage a website/blog or social media platforms? If yes! Then you are just at the right place.

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What is "Coobis?" - Coobis.com is a Content Marketing platform which connects publishers and advertisers. 

As a publisher, you are entitled to earning big,  atleast $50 - $3000. And you don't have to make any sale to get paid - Sounds cool... Right?!

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But, one truth is that no platform will want to put money in your pocket without hard work. Yes! Without hard work, I say..

Now, the best part about Coobis is that publishers should not reach any minimum amount to cash out - Your  balance is always  available on Coobis.

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You can only generate extra income when you participate by signing up in their πŸ‘‰ "affiliate program" and help to get new publisher and advertisers to register from your link.

For each affiliate, in percentage the commission you receive are;
Publisher: 5%

Here are some ideas that might interest you to sharing your links:

1. Create an article on your website by mentioning Coobis and include your affiliate link. 
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3. Include the link on your newsletters.

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Thank me later... Any question? feel free to ask! Use the comment box below...