Emeka Ike: My Ex-Wife shut down a school I spent millions of naira to establish – I think she has mental problem

Emeka Ike, Nigerian popular actor says his wife must either have a mental problem or is spiritual affected due to some of her actions following their divorce.
"My wife told our kids that she was going to marry someone else – When they begged her to come back home to daddy, this opinion makes her sick," the actor says.

“Her son was begging her, saying ‘mummy please come back because of me.’ [But she replied him]; “I am going to marry another man and have other children.

“If you can say that to your first son, it’s either you have a mental problem or you are not okay spiritually. She even said to the judge that she wanted to have other children after having four children. What is wrong with her? Her case beats my imagination.” he said.

Ike went on to elaborate more on how aggrieved he feels in his wife’s actions towards him.

“I didn’t chase my wife out of my house, I wanted Pastor Chris Okotie to advise her to return to her husband but he refused to pick my calls. He did not bother to find out what went wrong between us.

“While I am still alive, my wife was demanding that I should ‘will’ part of my property to her. She shut down a school I spent millions of naira to establish. Who was telling her to make such a demand? Where is she taking the property to? What happens to our children who will inherit my property? She was insisting on getting her own share of my property.”

“My children feel disappointed in her. She was their heroine.” he added.