Ramsey Noah And I Are Friends – Omoni Oboli

After a period of 10 years, Nigerian actress and firm director, Omoni Oboli and popular actor Ramsey Nouah recently reunited for a comedy movie titled; “My Wife & I,” under the guidance of the first-time director, Bunmi Ajakaiye.

Oboli took up the role of Ebere, an unhappy wife, who after a visit and prayer from a man of God, switches body with her husband, Toyosi.

“I was scared,” she said “I thought to myself, ‘I have never been a man before. How am I supposed to be a man? I don’t even know how to be a man.’

“But I thought it was really challenging. I thought it was something I would love to do in my career at this time; to play a role that totally takes me away from myself.”

“It’s hard enough being a female lawyer because I’m not a lawyer, but then being a man is totally off what I’m used to.

So, I thought it was going to be really challenging for me and I wanted to take up that challenge, and I did.

And I thought I did a pretty good job.” “It was quite confusing because I had to be a woman at some point, and I had to be a man at some other point,” she said.

“And you know that when you’re shooting, you don’t shoot linearly. So you have to always remember that ‘oh, I’m still Ebere in this scene and I’m now Toyosi in this scene.

So, it was quite confusing many times, but we pulled through.” “We did have a lot of fun on set and there were so many memorable moments.

A lot of the scenes Ramsey and I had in the bedroom were really funny. Even the crew members were laughing, she added.

Source: DailyTimes