You won't believe this lady's excellent body transformation – See photos

Instagram user @hair_aholic wrote as she took to her page to show off her very impressive body transformation – Reflecting on her amazing 2years weight loss journey, the social media user also encourage those who's already giving up. It Reads:

“Reflecting on my weight loss journey being that next week I turn the page in my book & start a new chapter. Here are some pictures to sum up my over 2 year weight loss progress. I wanted to take a min to say thank you to each & everyone of my supporters ? you guys don't understand how much you play apart of my continued success... I post everything not just to motivate you all but also for accountability ?? that is the reason I started sharing so that so many ppl would be watching it wouldn't be acceptable to fail (that probably sounds crazy) but seriously for me it's so
 much easier to fail in private than in public so I wanted to be as LOUD as I could I wanted the naysayers I wanted ppl to wait on my down fall because it only kept me going harder it only kept me pushing on the days I wanted to give up I knew someone was waiting for that & sometimes that pushes you more than you can push yourself. I don't share many before and after pics anymore because I've done it for almost 2 years now so I honestly don't even really think of it anymore but since I'm beginning this new chapter I wanted to remind myself of what it took to get here”.