Man beats wife to death, dumps her corpse inside the Lagos lagoon [Graphic photos]

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A man has been accused of beating his wife to death, shaved all the hair of his lifeless wife before throwing her body into a lagoon in Lagos state.
According to one Olarevolution, the couple who live in Oworonshoki, Lagos were known to fight physically.

On February 12, they reportedly had another fight which led to the husband getting her arrested. She was released the following day and upon getting home, they got into another fight which resulted in her death.

In a panic, the husband dumped her body in the lagoon. Her lifeless body was later found beneath a structure built by her and her husband on the waters in Oke Eri street, Oworonshoki, Lagos.

The neighbor who found the body alerted other residents and the husband was immediately apprehended and handed over to the police.

Graphic photos below..