Screenshots: Is this really "RAPE?"

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A Nigerian guy has cried out, and resorted to listen to the opinions of others, after the lady he slept with accused him of rape.

According to the man, who sent his plea to @SubdeliveryZone on Twitter, He had a thing or this lady where he works, and they’ve been chatting for a while, so she visited him during the weekend, they smooched and when the time came for the main thing she allowed him pull through, till after she had orgasm she started pushing him to stop.

He refused to stop and made sure he had his own fair share of the cookie.. The lady got angry left his home, and is now announcing his name at work that he raped her.

“We worked in same office as an NYSC Copper, till late last year. Every guy in the office including me was crushing on her, but me I didn’t make a move on her cos I hate competition.

After we stopped working there, we stayed in touch, and became closer. Somehow we started having lots of sexual talks. She made it clear to me that I was not going to get anything from her.

It dawned on me that I was getting carried away and she is the kind of girl that likes to tease guys. I noticed anytime I don’t respond to her chats, she would get angry, so I started thinking she likes me, she just did’t want to show it

To cut the long story short, we agreed she would come and visit me two saturdays ago (Jan 27) I stay alone in Ajah, and she stays with her family on the mainland.

She came in the evening, we went to Shoprite (Sangotedo). She was very relaxed and she didn’t talk about time. SO I knew she wanted to spend the night.

We got back to my place late, meanwhile we had been kissing each other the whole day o. She said she was feeling sticky and wanted to shower, before she went into the shwoer we smooched we.. I even sucked her bo-obs and she liked it.

After the shower, I gave her my shirt to wear and she got into bed. I went to shower also and later joined her in bed.

I started touching her again, I saw that she was not wearing anything under the shirt I gave her, no pant, no bra, I was so happy.

I fingered her for some minutes, then I wanted to give her head too, but she said no. She said she’d give me instead, which she did.

After that she laid back and I got on top of her and we did missionary, she talked a lot as we were doing it, saying yes, yes, yes, go faster and things like that. I saw that she was really enjoying it, so I held myself back from coming fast. After a few minutes she held me close and moaned that she was coming.

As soon as she finished coming, she started hitting my chest that I should get off her, I told her to chill that I’m about to come too, she started hitting and saying no, she didn’t want anymore. It was as if she just realized that we were actually having sex.

She was now saying oh God what’s all this nonsense, stop stop and all, but I didn’t stop till I came too. She got up and said she must go home that night. She dressed up and I told her to relax. She said why didn’t I stop when she told me to. I told her I just wanted to come too, so we would both enjoy it.

She said I raped her, that she told me to get off, and I pinned her hands down jut to have my way.

What is bothering me ow is that she has told 2 people that I raped her, and those people have called me to ask me if it’s true.

I honestly don’t know how rape has entered the matter now. This babe is a very proud girl, so I think she’s feeling bad that she had sex with me.

I will send you some screenshot of our chats.

See his post below;

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Credit: Yabaleftonline