CL update: Ruthless Barcelona trash Chelsea 4-1 on aggregate

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EPL Champion, Chelsea is out of the UEFA Champions League.

Angry Spanish beat the blues to reached the quarterfinals  of the  UEFA Champions League on Wednesday evening with an awesome three nil victory. 

Final update: Barcelona 3-0 Chelsea 

Though the game was highly competitive, but Lionel Messi's early strike in the 3rd minute of the first half has led the Spanish giant through with 4-1 on aggregate.

2 matches played against Chelsea , Barcelona scored 4. Lionel Messi had 3 goals & 1 assist. Dembele also had his first goal with Barcelona in the Champions League clash. 

Chelsea showed themselves several times but was unable to change the game. 

That Argentine was ruthless. I'm sure Courtois is glad the game has ended.