Police: Why you must avoid this dangerous areas – A must read

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Nigeria – The Police Force has advised all residents and visitors to Lagos state to be wary of these locations to avoid failing victims to violent crimes. This areas are safe to go in the day time (fairly) but unsafe at night and they are as listed below…

1. Berger bus stop (along OPIC – Ibadan Expressway): Criminals attacks victims with guns on the long bridge and in traffic jams.

2. Estate bus stop at ketu alapere: Attacks are carried out both day and night.

3. First gate junction – Agidingbi, Ikeja: Robbery point.

4. Boundary bus stop in Ajegunle: Popularly referred to as the ‘one million boys’ gang territory where criminals attack passengers in vehicle.

5. Ijora bus stop: Notorious spot for gang-molest; abduction in buses which is popularly known as ‘one chance.’

6. Mile 2 oke: Hammers, knife guns are used to rob motorists in traffic jam.

7. Church bus stop – Agboju Mile 2 (Badagry expressway): Haven for street urchins.

8. Agric bus stop – Mile 2: Notorious area for buried arms that are used for robbery operation in the area.

9. Abulosu bus stop along Mile 2 – Badagry expressway: Drivers conspire with thugs to at attack victims.

10. Apongbon bus stop: Hotbed of ‘one chance’ bus attack.

11. School bus stop, along MBA – Mile 2 road in Ajegunle: use of jack-knife and other dangerous weapons on victims.

12. Bamboo area along Oworonshoki – Ibadan expressway: A dangerous spot of about 100meters from Alapere Housing Estate bus stop.

If by any means you find yourself in any of the location listed above – Please try mush as possible to avoid all the bus-stops when you still can.

NOTE: If you are a passenger or driving your own vehicle, stay alert and do not display price possession which includes mobile phones and devices, jewelry, cash and other flashy stuffs. Wind-up your windows and remain alert when driving. Drive fast in this area but consider your safety and the safety of other roads-users by keeping to speed limits. Safe driving to everyone in Lagos (both visitors and residents).