Floyd Mayweather sue for $2M by Nigeria company for defrauding them

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Retired American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather is currently facing a lawsuit from a Nigeria media company, Zinni Media for $2Million claiming to have booked Floyd to make several appearances in west African countries in June 2017.

Despite the money of the flashy guy who of recent showed off his "billionaire watch" which costs $18M, 
Mayweather has been accused of scamming a Nigerian company for hundreds of thousands of dollars over appearances in Nigeria and Ghana.

According to TMS reports, he reportedly agreed to do the appearances for as low as  $375K and received a $210K advance. Mayweather made videos confirming his appearances and ended up cancelling the event even before his first appearances a few days before.

In the lawsuit, Zinni Media said they agreed to reschedule to December 2017 and add more appearances, instead Mayweather increased the price from $375K to $550K but they were told the $210K could be used towards the cost. 

They claim that they asked Floyd to make another new video confirming his appearances but he flopped on that again and didn't repay the $210K advance he received.

Zinni is now claiming that 
Floyd had damaged their reputation and defrauded them. And for that it's taking legal actions through a federal court in California and suing Floyd for at least $2M

The retired boxer was named Forbes' highest paid athlete in the past twelve months in June. He earned that No. 1 spot after raking in $275M from his August 2017 clash with UFC star Connor McGregor.



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