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Looking to make some good money and add to your earnings? Yah! Don't move away for you’re just at the right spot.

Welcome to Nigerian News Update (NNU) Income program. The program that pays for reading news contents, comments and daily logins on the website. Do you know you can earn upto N10k weekly and N50,000 pl+s monthly?


Brief about ‘NNU’ Program

NNU is an acronym of Nigerian News Update. A news publication platform that selflessly shares her revenue with active users, validated and eligible members (NNU Income).

Quick: NAP stands for NNU Affiliate Program.

The NNU Income program also pay members up-to 62.5% for referring their friends to take part and become affiliates on and for their activities (Read, Comments, share on Facebook, etc.) on the website. You earn N1,000 from their entry fee product purchase, after joining the program through you by signing up with your referral link.

You too can become NIP’s (NNU Income Program) partner, when you complete registration with just ₦1,600 only.

Become a member to participate
You can ‘follow this link to jointhe program’ and become a member.


When you register with NNU with a one time payment of N1,600, this is how you will earn your money..

1. Daily login gives you NGN50.

2. Posting of Sponsored posts on Facebook gives you NGN100 and above.

3. Each post you read and comment gives you NGN1 and above. if you quick read 500 news that will give you NGN500 on daily basis. you know how many you can read it depends on you.

4. You earn instant NGN1000 when you refer someone.

NNU pays all her members on every 27th of every month and minimum payout is NGN5000+

With my above explanation you see clearly that you can be making NGN500 to NGN1000 or more daily without referral.

All you need to be a member of NNU READ AND GET PAID is a one time payment of NGN1,600. There is no upgrading fee at all

NOTE:  To boost your earning without a referral, its a must you SHARE on Facebook

What are the benefits of joining the NNU Income/Affiliate Program?

·         You get 62.5%  commission for any person you refer to the NNU Income Affiliate Program.
·         You get paid for your activities on - Likes, Comments, Posts, etc. Only affiliates get paid for their activities on the website.
·         All affiliates are automatically verified with a badge to distinguish them from regular members.

Set to join the game? Register Here..
·         Step 1: Follow the Provided Link above and fill-in your details like your names, email and others.. 
·         Step 2: Choose paystack as payment option and make payment with your ATM card. Its N1,600                     only..
·         Step 3: Its the final step – Once your account is fully approved, then you start making cool cash in              a ‘legit’ way like others.

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