See this stunning portrait of Linda Ikeji and her son Jayce painted by Nigerian lady (Photos)

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 A young and beautiful Nigerian lady has painting a portrait of  Nigerian news carrier blogger and entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji and her adorable child Jayce.

The gifted lady in question is identified as Agali Deborah. She paints portraits of celebrities and dignitaries using just pencil coupled with her drawing skills, which is what she enjoys displaying.

The young artist had decided to paint the exact reproduction of a recently released photo of Linda Ikeji and her son.

And when the finished job?!! She took to her social media page @debbies_art_ to share the painted portrait of the celebrity blogger, Ikeji and her boy Jayce with great respect. She wrote; Yo!! Guys,and dis is d finished work of @officiallindaikeji

See photos inside..

Wow! See more photos..

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And her amazing followers on Instagram were like 'Finish it' 'It done' Lol... And finally, here comes the done job.

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