Breaking: Fire destroys residents home in Oworoshoki (Video)

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DWM Lagos — A house located in Oworoshoki with 8 occupants have gone burnt to the ground. As we speak, some residents are currently suffering the lost from their home that caught fire in the early hours of today, Friday 11, 2019.

The fire was said to have started around 5 am this morning in one of the room owned by an occupant who left the house at exactly 4:15am, where unknown to the other occupants of the house. The incident had caused gas explosion, electronics caught fire which spread onto the mattress and lit up the room, affecting other rooms and causing great damage to the house.

It is still not known what lead to the fire outbreak. However, the fire service had to be called in to help quench the fire. The fire fighters came in their fire truck and the fire was promptly stopped from spreading into other homes. No lives were lost, but properties were pretty damaged.

Watch Video below..