Chicago: R. Kelly clashes with police during his birthday celebration at a nightclub (video)

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Report that some police officers were called to a V75 nightclub  in Chicago where they interrupted R. Kelly's birthday party earlier today, Thursday 11 2019.

'Someone had called the police saying R. Kelly was at the club and he had a warrant for his arrest.
The police later showed up to V75 Chicago after receiving the call about a warrant for R. Kelly's arrest.

Police confirmed that they were at the club and made contact with R. Kelly. However, once they determined there was no actual arrest warrant for him, he was left to continue partying the night away, having lots of fun.

No confirmation yet,if the caller was playing a prank or probably he thought there was an arrest warrant. Meanwhile, in spite of the controversy surrounding the singer, R. Kelly's party was a blast. He was surrounded by screaming fans as he grabbed the mic and declared, "I don't give a f**k about what's going on!!!" And he had fans hailing and cheering as he sang.

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